Selected talk, exhibition and publication


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Talk and presentation

Sentimental Machines: Affective experience enabled by soft robotic interfaces, in Robot & Art Forum, the International Conference Robotics and Automation (ICRA), May 2018, Brisbon. (invitation)

Synthetic touch for affective communication, Lightening Talks in Inter/sections 2017, the Art Pavilion, Mile End Park., London (invitation)

Sentimental Soft Robotics as Companion Artefacts, Doctoral presentation in Symposium, 4th International Conference on Movement and Computing (MOCO17), 28-30 June, London, UK

Exploring soft robotic artefacts as emotive agents, in STAR- 1st workshop on smart textiles and robotics, 10 Feb 2017, King’s College, London, UK (invitation)

Sentimental Robots, explore soft robotics as emotive agent, presentation in States of Flux – Soft robotics in arts and engineering, EU Robotics Week, 1 Dec 2016, Queen Mary University London, UK (invitation)

Silhouette of anxiety, patterns of emotion-practice with fashion design and quantified self for “extimacy”, presentation during Costume & Fashion in Context and Practice Symposium, 6 Dec 2016, University of Huddersfield, UK

Maker Breakfast presentation during Make:Shift conference by Craft Council, 11 Nov, 2016

Oct 2015, International Conference on Youth Mental Health (IAYMH), group presentation, Montreal, Canada


Creating a touching/hugging machine, During Athens Digital Arts Festival, 20 May 2017 (invitation), link

Extimacy! “Wear your heart on the sleeves?” why not the sofa or the curtains? During STATE of Emotion Festival, Berlin, 5 Nov 2016 (invitation), link

The Sentimental Soft Robotics, during AcrossRCA, 31 Oct – 4 Nov 2016, link

Imagining soft robotics and emotion, V&A Digital Learning Centre with E-Stitches, 8 Oct 2016

Being relational: entering the world of sensory & embodied communication design, with Claire Van Rhyn and Kate McLean, during Design Research Society Conference, 28 June, Brighton, link

MoodLab, with Kentish Town Health Centre, London, Sep – Nov 2015, a workshop to creatively track personal emotions and communicate via a textile project


Wearable Companion & robotic jewellery, during Robot Late, the International Centre for Life, Newcastle, UK, Oct 2018 (invitation)

Robotic Jewelry, during Robot Late, Manchester Science Festival, Oct 2017 (invitation)

Emotive soft robotics, during STATE of Emotion Festival, Berlin, 3-5 Nov 2016 (invitation)

Emotive soft robotics, during exhibition Communicating the Intangible and London Design Festival, 17-24 Sep, RCA

“The Protocol”, film, in Are we human? – 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial, May 2016

Tangible Emotions, Work-in-Progress Show, RCA, London, Jan 2016,

Silhouette of Anxiety, Patterns of Emotion, group exhibition, Victoria House, London, Feb 2015

April 2016, programable material & E-Textile workshop, International Metabody Forum, Brunel University, London

April 2016, presentation, Stitch Bitch Make/Perform, Digital Learning Centre, V&A Museum, London 2016,

Jan 2016, Tangible Emotions, Work-in-Progress Show, RCA, London

Oct 2015, International Conference on Youth Mental Health (IAYMH), group presentation, Montreal, Canada

Sep-Nov 2015, MoodLab on creative emotion tracking, series workshop, Kentish Town Health Centre, Londo

Jan 2015, Industry Insights: Fashioning the New Normal, workshop, London Design Museum

May 2014, Industry Insights: Design from bottom-up, workshop, London Design Museum

Apr 2014, Fashion, Garden & Sustainability, group exhibition, Garden Museum, London

June 2013 Spirit of Oslo, knitwear design group exhibition, Oslo


Invited reviewer for:

Journal for Artistic Research 2020

International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC) 2019

IEEE Workshop on Advance Robotics and its Social Impact (ARSO) 2019

ACM International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI) 2018

International Conference on Movement Computing (MOCO) 2017


LovePad, Winner team with Jack Armitage, Francisco Bernardo and Dr. Patricia Alessandrini, 17-18 Dec, Goldsmith University, London


Visiting lecturer, co-leader of an elective program called #mood focusing on designing affective interaction, in the program of Information Experience Design, School of Communication, Royal College of Art, from 2018

Tutor, Pre-sessional course, Royal College of Art, July-Aug 2018

Visiting lecturer, on Soft Robotic Actuators for MRes Course, Royal College of Art, London, Jan, 2018

De-computation Emotion, co-leader of elective for MA Information Experience Design program students, the Royal College of Art. Selected projects have been exhibited during State of Emotion Festival, Berlin 3-5Nov 2016. Available at:

Curated events

Soft Machines: A cross-disciplinary conversation and pop-up exhibition on soft robotics, art&design, Lecture Theatre 1, RCA, 23 Nov 2016

Conversation: The potential of dynamic artefacts to communicate emotions, during exhibition Communicating the Intangible and during London Design Festival, 19 Sep 2016 RCA