I am a designer and researcher in fashion, wearable-tech and experience design. Trained in ESMOD Paris in fashion design and making, I also hold an MA in Fashion Future from London College of Fashion. Currently I conduct doctoral research at the Royal College of Art, London in Information Experience Design and Fashion. Prior to becoming a researcher, I founded and directed a cultural program business based in China.


I have been working with creative quantification of emotion and manifest the data in tangible forms since 2013. My doctoral research is a practice-led research, which draws on theories of philosophy, technology, materiality, making and carried out through fashion and experience design practices. Through the design of interfaces between body and space, and conversely through relations with machines endowed with emotional intelligence, I explore new means for communication. I especially explore the performativity and expressiveness of artifacts made from soft and bio-inspired robotic materials and their agency on emotive relations. This research works on the process of mediation. It gives an equal value on the richness of human subjectivity in its ambiguity and technology; allows them to interplay through the materiality of artifacts in the process of mutual constitution. This results in cross-modal outcomes, and performative, embodied interactions – specifically hybrid objects and experiences, relational artifacts and performative installations using smart materials and textiles. Coming from a Chinese background, an intrinsic part of my research also touches upon how different cultural ontologies influence my design theory shaping and practice developing.

I am also a mountain trekker & cat lover.




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