Wear the heart on the sleeves

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“Extimacy” it’s the term coined by coined by Lacan in 1960, refers to externalise the ‘Thing’ that ‘constitutes the subject’s intimate experience that gives meaning and existence to the external thing’ (Lacan 1960). I have been making robotic wearable accessories since 2016, that connect to pulse rate, often to be worn around the neck, chest or wrists. I sometimes wear them in my workshops and talks, as that’s when my heart rate accelerates 😉

I am happy to make bespoke pieces for TV presenters and hosts who are interested in pioneering the experience of ‘wearing the heart on the sleeves’. Collaboratively we research on how technology alters the emotional relation between and among people and the emotional relation to ourselves.

Mechatronics collaborator: Adrian Godwin


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PhD/MPhil Royal College of Art, fashion designer and researcher, soft robotics as emotive agents, responsive & adaptive behaviors,cross-disciplinary research, mountain trekker & cat lover Twitter @_caroline6868

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