Workshop DRS2016: Being relational: entering the world of sensory & embodied communication design

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Being relational: entering the world of sensory &  embodied communication design
A workshop held with Kate McLean and Claire van Rhyn during the 2016 Design Research Society Conference (DRS) and PhD by Design conference, held in Brighton, UK during 27-30 June 2016.
Together with Kate McLean and Claire Van Ryhn. The workshop explores how design research can be used as a creative and active force for rethinking ephemeral phenomena, such as smell
. The event will offer participants the opportunity to engage and interact with the intangible, considering the potential for sensory communication beyond language, and engage interactive objects as mechanisms for materialising the intangible. These explorations aim to broaden the understanding of participants on how the intangible can shape our lives in more meaningful and open ways. It is a probe into the possibilities of Communication Design for individuals and society. Our design research shares common themes of embodiment and sensory methods of knowing, and our proposed workshop reflects this. As three practitioners who mediate relationships between materiality and immateriality, the tangible and the intangible, our interests are the communication of smell (KM), the transmission of culture and mechanisms of change (CVR), and mediating human-machine intimate relations (CZ).
link to workshop here.
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