Tangible Emotions Work-in-Progress Show II

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To be is to be perceived (George Berkeley).

To be perceived is to be given sensible qualities.

On my journey to discuss emotions in the context of technology mediated contemporary realities, I took the first step to make this intangible matter tangible through a data driven approach.

The movements of the three hanging fabrics are driven by three emotion sensors (pulse) on the plinth. The spinning speed varies according to the pulse rate. Pick up one stone and drive one fabric. You can manipulate the movement of the fabric performance by manipulate your heart rate. Three people can do the experiment at the same time, making the installation a collective choreography. It is also an observation of human-human interaction mediated by technological artefacts.





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PhD/MPhil Royal College of Art, fashion designer and researcher, soft robotics as emotive agents, responsive & adaptive behaviors,cross-disciplinary research, mountain trekker & cat lover Twitter @_caroline6868

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