Silhouette of Anxiety, Patterns of Emotion (MA Project)

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The project uses self-tracked data to inform fashion design process. It questions individual identity under the social norm on well-being, promotes self-empowerment by self-tracking and suggests design to be a creative communicator.

My data from Gross National Happiness(GNH) survey result has been manifested into a dummy with different measurements which embodies the individual struggle when having to conform to social norm for validation as well as questions the stereotyped body shape in the fashion design process.

Patterns found from self emotion tracking has been employed to inform colour and motif in designing the garments in this project. Both the self-tracking activity and the outcome are a journey of self-awareness.

Unlike data-visualisation, the project creates narrative in 3D real life objects that interact with the body.  The project showed also the potential of fashion thinking to design interactive experience for well-being.


Finally, Expressed

“Data reveals facts about objects and people but design tells a story in an emotional way, that can be influential to feelings of well-being.

I have a better score now but I decided to freeze this moment of un-wellness, since it powerfully illustrates the case of many Chinese young people, whose individual emotion well-being is underminded by an onverwhelming monetary social value. These feelings often failed to be described via words.”

Below is the project brief, more details can be found at


Data_Fashion_Well-being1 copy Data_Fashion_Well-being2 copy Data_Fashion_Well-being3 copy Data_Fashion_Well-being4 copy Data_Fashion_Well-being5 copy Data_Fashion_Well-being6 copy

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